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Presbyopia is an inability to focus on nearby objects, caused by the stiffening of the natural lens in the eye with age. It is not to be confused with hypermetropia.

Presbyopia is often first noticed in your 40s or 50s, when you have to hold things further and further away to be able to see them. It is common at this age to need reading glasses even if you have never had any trouble with your sight before. Vision gets progressively worse with age, requiring stronger reading glasses every few years.

Presbyopic lens exchange or blended vision are treatments which can help you to be less reliant on glasses for near work. While laser eye surgery can also be used to treat presbyopia it is often not the ideal solution.

If you wish to discuss the options which are available for becoming less glasses dependent, please arrange an appointment with our surgeon here at the Bournemouth Laser Eye Clinic.


Bournemouth Nuffield Team at Laser Eye Surgery training day

Cataract training simulator at Bournemouth

Through generous funding from the regional training organisation and the Friends of Bournemouth Eye Unit, we have managed to secure the purchase of a virtual reality cataract simulator. This state of the art training simulator will enhance the experience of both trainees and patients while young ophthalmologists learn to perform cataract surgery.

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